The Cycle of Violence

Violence against women often goes unreported, especially in the case of family violence, relationship and elder abuse. Love, hope and fear are main reasons why victims of such violence might not seek help. Victims may also be trapped in the cycle of violence as illustrated below.

External and internal factors can push a victim to seek help.

External factors are events that have taken place which have impacted the victim, prompting them to seek help. Such factors include facing serious abuse such that it is no longer safe to stay home. For example, wives/mothers may realise that the situation has escalated out of hand, and are unable to protect their children from the perpetrator (push factor).

Internal factors revolve around the victim gaining insight into their situation – realising that their experiences are not normal and reaching a tipping point where they want to seek change. This includes gaining awareness on abuse, speaking to professionals, self-reflection or even experiencing a cathartic moment. It would usually take time for victims to reach the point where they are willing to seek help and break out of the cycle of violence.